Via Negativa

The philosophy of via negativa in self-development is a highly effective way to improve your life. It is addition through subtraction.

Via negativa focuses on what you don’t do instead of what you do. It is about eliminating the bad instead of adding more good.

For example: to get more work done, removing distractions is a more effective strategy than working longer hours.

Below is a list of the things I eliminated. I will constantly update this page as I eliminate more.

  •  Facebook notifications
  •  Auto refresh e-mail
  •  Chocolate below 90%
  •  Unsubscribed from email lists
  •  Television
  •  Clothes I did not wear in the last 6 months
  •  White bread/flour/pasta/rice
  •  Ipod (I now have Spotify on the phone)
  •  Ads (adblocker)

Via Negativia