Two life hacks to increase happiness

Two life hacks to increase happiness

Life hacks are tips that change your life for the better. I found two that I love to share with you.

Replace your alarm tone with a song. I changed the annoying *beep-beep-beep* sound to classical music. Now I have a relaxing start to the day instead of a stress moment.

Replace your password with a positive affirmation. Many studies and meditation practices emphasize the power that positive affirmations have on your life. Taking time to do them daily can be a chore. At home and work most of us have to type a password multiple times a day, change it to something positive. If you want to change a habit make it ILoveHealthyEating!. If you want to be motivated by a goal change it to Holiday@Bahamas!.

Over time these small changes create a positive impact without any extra effort. So why not incorporate these life hacks into your life today?

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