The consumption creation ratio

The consumption creation ratio

As an avid reader of books and podcast subscriber, the consumption creation ratio was a real eye-opener.

Consumption is easy, but consuming useful information is more difficult. Facebook, TV and the news are noise. Books, especially ones that stood the test of time, are signal.

Consuming signal instead of noise is a great first step, but that alone is not enough.

Information only becomes powerful when you use it.

You already know all you need to know to succeed. You don’t need to learn anything more. If all we needed was more information, everyone with an Internet connection would live in a mansion, have abs of steel, and be blissfully happy.
Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect.

I find that consumption still has its place, but the quote drives the point home.

Put knowledge into action before adding new books to the to-read list. Some ideas are to write a book or blog, teach, make a podcast or start a business.

This realization helped me to overcome a great frustration. When I was reading book after book at a high pace I found myself forgetting sections. Applying the new knowledge helped me to internalize the information much better.

I also found that starting projects without lots of research beforehand gives me a better understanding of the topic. It forces me to think creatively and come up with my own logic.

In addition, having my own ideas helps me to get more out of books and podcasts because now it is easier to understand details and read between the lines.

Decreasing input and increasing output is more difficult than the other way around, but I found it a lot more satisfying.

Are you a consumer or creator? At university you get a textbook and a workbook. Don’t forget to use a workbook later in life.

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