Grow your comfort zone

Grow your comfort zone

Motivation and momentum comes when there is progress in any area of our life. To achieve growth we have to put ourselves in the learning zone.

In any skill we practice we are in one of the three zones: the comfort zone, the learning zone or the panic zone.


Comfort zone: This is our safe haven. We can’t make progress staying here since it consists of abilities we have already mastered. The comfort zone looks different for everyone. Some people find public speaking easy and within their comfort zone while it puts others into the panic zone.

Learning zone: Here progress happens. The challenge we face requires new skills, but is not too difficult.

Panic zone: Learning is impossible. The task is too difficult and makes you anxious.

If you don’t make the progress you want the task is either too easy, keeping you in the comfort zone, or too difficult putting you in the panic zone. It is important to push yourself, but not to the extreme.

And when you are in the learning zone your comfort zone will grow as a result.

Are there any tasks you do without thinking about it that before would have stressed you out? Congratulations your comfort zone has grown.


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