Books: the key takeaway

Books: the key takeaway

I started a new project on this website books: the key takeaway.

The idea came from a post by James Altucher. He describes how difficult it is to remember more than 1% of a book and that a great book has one key takeaway that you remember afterwards.

I read a lot and agree that it is hard to remember everything. Having one takeaway makes a book worth reading, so I decided to write mine down and share them.

My process is as follows. I read a book and then wait a few weeks before I write my key takeaway down. Then, the one thing that I have thought most about in the previous weeks or the best thing I implemented in my life will be my key takeaway.

While making the list I found that I gave quite a few 4 star reviews and not too many low scores. This is because before I read a book two things need to happen. First, either a friend or someone I respect (Ryan Holiday has an excellent reading list) must recommend a book. Secondly, the book needs to have good reviews on Amazon. When both boxes are ticked I will purchase the book.

I found that it is easier to read a new book than to re-read a great book. However, there is more value in re-reading a great book to really make the concepts and knowledge your own. Reading a new book is more fun whereas re-reading a great book requires more effort. By writing down the key takeaway I remember and internalise the information better – using the power of repetition in a fun way.

I will continue to update the list as I read more. Enjoy!

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