A plus, a minus and an equal – A framework for learning

A plus, a minus and an equal – A framework for learning

The mixed martial arts multi-title champion Frank Shamrock has a system to train fighters. According to him you need a plus, a minus and an equal to become great.

Plus: Work with someone who is better than you. Somebody who is at the cutting edge of development in the skill you want to improve. From them you learn.

Minus: Find someone who is less skilled than you. You can teach them your new learned skills. The best way to learn is to teach it.

Equals: Find someone who has the same qualities as you. Against this person you can push yourself to the limit.

This system is not only used to train athletes, companies also use it. When I worked in in London there was an expert who taught me new skills, peers in my group who I could have discussions with and after a few months new colleagues who I could train.

I find it a great, simple concept that I will apply to many areas of my life.

Read more about Franck Shamrock’s system and the mindset necessary to succeed as a student in Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

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